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Vauhtipuisto amusement park a family hangout, a fun park in Hietasaari area close to downtown of Oulu that is created for all children and childlike minded. Vauhtipuisto creates memorable experiences and offers a large variety of rides and attractions both for the youngest members of the family and for a bit older ones.

The core and the main attraction of the Vauhtipuisto have been from the very beginning a little playground for the little ones offering impulses for games, playful interaction and do-it-yourself activities and experiences. You can find bouncy castles, a mini train, merry-go-rounds, car tracks, mini roller coaster, fairytale track, a Kakaravaara playhouse village and many more exciting things in our park. Check out our films in Youtube!

Admission to the park area is free. Admission to attractions is either by individual ticket or by a wristband. You can get acquainted with our attractions in the picture gallery

Vauhtipuisto Cafe Carousel offers fresh coffee, sweet pastries, ice-cream, refreshments, candies, grilled sandwiches and other treats. In our Train theatre (Junateatteri) there is a show every day.

It is easy to access the Vauhtipuisto on your car. We have a free parking space.

You can also use a local bus to get to the park or the city train Potnapekka, which leaves right from the downtown of Oulu. If you choose Potna-Pekka train you can enjoy the beautiful riverside scenery which is a wonderful experience in itself.

And from the Oulu's marketplace, it doesn't take long to walk, bike or even roller skate to the Vauhtipuisto. Vauhtipuisto is located only about a kilometer "east of Eden" - right at the bicycle path leading to Nallikari.

Welcome to enjoy a true Vauhtipuisto day!

Hietasaarentie (Nallikari)
90500 Oulu

Phone: +358 (0) 40 5567 533

Opening hours 2018
1.5. - 27.5. Weekends from 11 a.m. - 18 p.m.
2.6. - 12.8. Every day from 11 a.m. - 19 p.m.